Porsche Mission E to create 1000 new jobs

Porsche has just announced that it would be investing $1 billion to build its first ever 100% electric car. First introduced as a concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the impressive Porsche Mission E is scheduled to go into production at the end of the decade.

Mission E is going to create 1,000 new jobs meaning the announcement is great news for everyone.

Fans of the brand are very excited as Porsche Mission E will have to compete with Tesla.

Porsche is known for its luxurious and expensive vehicles so expectations are very high for Mission E. We can definitely expect a level of luxury that only Porsche can offer. By entering the electric car game, Porsche is definitely taking a risk however from what we’ve seen so far the company has nothing to worry about.

Electric cars are not really popular because of the luxury that they offer so it’s refreshing to see this unique approach.

If Porsche Mission E is successful we can definitely expect other brands to follow in Porsche’s footsteps. Electric cars are slowly growing in popularity with more brands experimenting with them.

Mission E will include a quick charge system, which will allow for an 80% charge in just 15 minutes.

Whether you’re a fan of Porsche or not, you have to admit that the vehicle is rather impressive. Although not much has been revealed about the vehicle yet, we can definitely expect it to cost quite a lot making it a little less appealing to the average car user.