Tesla Model 3 – Technical Spec


Tesla Model 3 is an all-electric car with a range up to 346km per charge. This car has been so brilliantly assembled in California by Tesla Factory that it has managed to achieve a 5-star safety rating. This means you are in good hands and the safety of your family is not an issue.

Tesla Model 3 has enough space for five adults seating as well as front and rear trunks, proving that Tesla Model 3 is a spacious car. Not only this, but the car also can accelerate from 0-100 in just 5.6 seconds providing an excellent torque compared to other sedan vehicles. It is a rear wheel drive car; however, dual motor all-wheel drive feature can be added to the car as well.
Interior wise, it provides a 15-inch touch screen LCD in landscape orientation. The steering wheel has many added controls, making it easier for a driver to control the car. What makes this car look cool is its roof. It is one continuous piece of see through glass which is a rare sight in cars. Unlike combustion cars, Tesla Model 3 is an electric car which does not need much for cooling. This is why the company has eliminated the front grill from the car, adding to its sleek look.

The best thing about Tesla is that it provides with an autopilot feature. It provides the car with features like Auto Park, changes lanes, steers themselves and even avoids obstacles. However, for auto parking and changing lanes, which are called convenience features by Tesla, you need to pay extra to get them activated in Model 3. Talking about extra, Tesla also aims to provide with a larger 75kw battery for extra mileage.

It is expected that the production will start in July 2017 and Tesla will be able to produce 5,000 cars per week. According to the design chief, Tesla Model 3 is a type of vehicle which offers everything; range, affordability, and performance. All these specs prove that this is the ideal future car for you and your family.