TVR Will Reveal A New 200 MPH Sports Car In September

200 MPH sports car is back with a bang! The British car manufacturer, TVR has announced the launch of its all-new 200 mph car. The car is set to resurface in September in the Goodwood Revival Event. With the new sports car, TVR is ready to mark its 70th anniversary.

TVR History

200 MPH sports car has high hopes attached to it.TVR, the British automobile company, has had a rough history. By launching T37 on a global event, it hopes to reclaim its lost title. The T37 is the first sports car to be manufactured by TVR. The company is famous for its diverse range of convertibles. The Goodwood revival evet is known for its vintage cars. The presence of T37 hopes to glorify the event. Also, TVR limited wants to grab the media attention for its latest product. Most people are dubbing it as a publicity stunt. But, this is exactly what TVR needs to make a huge come back.


200 MPH Sports car weighs a mere 1200 kg. It has a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour. The TVR masterpiece can attain 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. It is manufactured with a five litre V8 Cosworth engine. Also, it produces a power of 400 HP per ton. At present, TVR has received 500 orders for T37. After its launch in the Goodwood revival event, it hopes to receive more. With a maximum speed of 200 mph, TVR does not compromise on comfort. The released photos depict an aero dynamic design coupled with startling ‘silty’ edges.

This is the most anticipated car in September!

McLaren 720S – Geneva 2017

McLaren 720S, the latest from McLaren Automotive is a sports car that it claims would be lighter, stronger and faster. It surely beats the earlier McLaren 650S in all these aspects by a good distance. The supercar introduces the Monocage II carbon fibre tub which has carbon A-pillars as well as windshield header. The hinges in 650S have been replaced by a central roof spar which has mounting points for the newly designed doors. There are also buttresses and a B-pillar hoop.

All this makes the body 39 pounds lighter which bring the weight to 2829 pounds. The engine has been enhanced to a 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V8. This improves the highest speed to 212 mph. The transmission is consistent with the McLaren series i.e. seven-speed dual clutch, automatic. The new 720S can jump to a speed of 60mph in merely 2.8 seconds.

New control arms have been installed accompanied by new wheel knuckles. Spring rates have seen an improvement of 10 percent at the front while 20 percent at the back of the vehicle. An advanced chassis system helps eliminate the harshness. This system is based on 21 sensors, which tune your ride according to the driving mode chosen. The modes include sport, comfort, track and a new drift system as well.

The all new McLaren 720S is also much more spacious on the inside. It is much easier to get in and out of the car as its doors open wider, The A-pillars are narrower, and McLaren also installs the thinner sills which saw their debut staged in the Sports Series. Due to this, the visibility from inside the vehicle has improved significantly. With this latest model, McLaren Automotive compels its rivals to see it as a bigger threat than they ever did.

The Market For Used Car On Finance

While looking for a car to buy, your main priority is to save money and get the best possible car for yourself. Now, brand new cars are expensive even if you plan on getting a car on finance or car loan. However, if you look towards buying a used car, you will be surprised with how much money you can save. Used cars have started taking over quite some space in the car market in the UK. The choice has gained popularity because you end up getting a decent car at a lesser price. However, many would prefer to get a used car on finance as well. Simply because you are going to pay the money over a period and do not have to worry about making the payment all at once. A lot of car buyers have the question if it is even possible to get a used car on finance or not? The answer is yes.

Quite a few car dealers have opened car financing for used cars in the UK. It is important that you find a good car dealer to guide you. The process of getting a used car on finance is the same as getting a brand new car on finance. You can get a car dealer or a bank to finance for the used car. But before jumping into any contract, check out interest rates across different dealers and banks. Usually, car dealers have higher interest rates than banks, but you can find attractive offers in the market to help you as well.

The benefit of getting a used car on finance is that you do not have to suffer the loss of depreciation. You pay a lower price than the initial price which means that your monthly instalments will also be lower. Moreover, different companies offer different interest rates for used cars. Choose the one with the lowest.

Opting for a used car on finance is beneficial since you can get a recent car model for yourself without having to pay the initial high price. Try to find used cars in excellent condition to avail a good car finance offer.

Which Cars Sell For the Most Cash?

The automotive industry is booming and with that come many unexpected changes to the market. Vehicles that were once extremely valuable have fallen down the list and other contenders have excelled, stealing top spots in the process. Although the industry is unpredictable, as it’s constantly changing, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you get the most for your old car.

First of all you must understand that the model of your car is only a small part of the bigger picture. It does have an effect on how much cash you will get; however, other factors also have to be considered. For example, many people don’t realise that the condition of your vehicle plays a huge role in how much the car is worth. The better your car looks, the more you are likely going to receive for it. This is why it’s crucial you take good care of your car whilst you’re still using it, in order to ensure that you are going to get more cash for it down the line.

It’s impossible to predict which vehilces will be popular in the future; therefore, you can’t know for sure whether your car will retain most of its value overtime or not. Instead of worrying about this too much, you should instead focus on keeping your current car in good shape until the time comes for you to part ways with it.

You must understand that it’s rare for a car’s value to increase as time progresses. Certain vehicles such as classics and limited edition will experience this, but most standard cars will only lose value the more you drive them.

It’s pointless therefore to hope keep your old car for as long as possible in hopes of its value increasing. If you are in possession of an unwanted vehicle, you will be much better off selling it sooner rather than later. If you want to get the most for your old car follow our simple tips and go into the experience with an open mind. Manage your expectations and you’ll have a much more rewarding experience.

Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Delayed Until 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you are likely familiar with the Tesla model 3 – a car that made headlines and broke records by getting around half a million orders within days of getting announced.

Originally first deliveries were scheduled for 2017; however, it emerged today that they have been delayed until mid-2018 or later.

The news doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise as many were wondering about whether Tesla was capable of meeting deadlines, considering it isn’t capable of producing that many cars at one.

As orders began piling up, it started to become apparent that Tesla wouldn’t be able to deliver the Tesla Model 3 in 2017 as first advertised.

Many customers will likely be disappointed, but considering just how much of an impression the car has made when it was announced, the excitement certainly outweighs the disappointment. Read more at

Electric cars have been gaining momentum in the automotive industry in the recent years, with Tesla at the forefront of the movement. By introducing the Model 3, which is the first affordable mass produced electric car, Tesla has raised the bar for all other carmakers.

The Model 3 looks fantastic and its performance is just as great. It received universal acclaim upon its debut, and remains in high demand.

Tesla certainly knows what it’s doing, and the delay could actually not be that bad of a thing. It will give Tesla more time to produced and deliver the Model 3, meaning a slightly more polished product will be sold.

It’s better for Tesla to take all the time it needs rather than deliver something that’s unfished and unsafe.

The future looks bright for the brand so it will be very interesting to see what else Tesla has in store for us in the future.

The time has never been more perfect to sell your old car, and invest in an electric car. We are entering a new era, so become a part of it.

What are your thoughts on the delay? Are you disappointed with Tesla, or do you understand its decision? Tell us how you feel in the comments section down below.

Mercedes-AMG Roadsters revealed ahead of debut

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster & GT C Roadster revealed ahead of debut

Mercedes has just released pictures of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, as well as the GT C Roadster, both scheduled to debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

If you’re a fan of speed and high performance, you’re going to love what Mercedes has created. The brand is renowned for the level of luxury that it offers its customers, and it’s apparent from the images released that the brand is still going strong.

Although roadsters are not as popular as they once were, in the recent years we saw them regain their fame too some extent with more manufacturers opting to introduce them in their line-ups.

When it comes to the GT and the GT C, Mercedes definitely knows what it’s doing. Instead of focusing on one area, the brand covers everything in the new model, including speed, performance and styling.

The brand went all out in making the cars truly stand out. Not only do they feature the elegance and class that the brand is so renowned for, but on top of that they offer incredible performance with a top speed of 196mph.

Fans of the brand will likely appreciate the effort that has been put into the production of the vehilces, which suggest the sales could be impressive.

Most high-end cars do quite well on the market, with enthusiasts and collectors eagerly awaiting the release of each new car.

Both cars will make their debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show later this month, with first deliveries expected for April 2017.

Although much hasn’t been revealed about the cars, they’re expected to be priced at around £10k more than the standard GT’s. This will makes them quite expensive, so if you’re looking to get one, you might want to start saving up.

Maybe it’s time to find a car valuation service to sell your old car and raise enough funds, just in time for the release of the new roadster.

What do you think about the Mercedes GT and GT C Roadster? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments below and return shortly for more automotive-related content.

500th LaFerrari is being created.

500th LaFerrari to help the victims of recent Italian earthquake

The Ferrari LaFerrari featured a 499-unit production run which is being increased to 500 units. The money made from the sale of the final car going to the victims of the recent Italian earthquake which occurred just a few days ago.

The 950bhp LaFerrari finished its production run in 2015, but one extra model is being made to be sold at auction. With such a small production number, it’s no surprise that examples which make it onto the used market carry a heavy premium over the car’s £1.15 million price.

Used LaFerrari currently sell for between £2.5m and £3m with some even reaching above £4m, although it’s likely that the car value of the 500th may exceed this considerably.

A source at Ferrari said that the original demand for LaFerrari was more than double the supply, and this is the last opportunity for a buyer to own a LaFerrari from new which will create a lot of opportunities for the people who have enough money to buy it new and own something that will be for a good cause but also to make themselves feel special as the LaFerrari will most likely feature some sort of small detail change in the design to signify that it is a special, final edition.

The drop-top LaFerrari, named Aperta, will be revealed at the Paris motor show in a few weeks, but the 500th LaFerrari will be the very last coupé version built.

The last LaFerrari is being built to benefit victims of the recent earthquake in central Italy, which struck on 24th August and claimed the lives of hundreds while leaving thousands more homeless.

Each standard LaFerrari carries a plaque bearing the words ‘Limited edition [car number]/499’, or the car’s number in the production run, but a source at Ferrari indicated that the 500th example may carry a plaque demonstrating its special status as the very last car, sold to help the victims of the earthquake.

Ferrari have previous experience with helping provide auctions for charities and previously auctioned an Enzo after the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. That car carried a similar plaque, so it’s likely that this LaFerrari will be the same. The winning bidder may also get to choose the colour and spec of the car; however, nothing is for certain at this point.

Elemental RP1 makes its debut

The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed may be over, but there’s one vehicle that made its debut at event that hasn’t quite left our minds yet. Elemental RP1, is a unique supercar, designed with speed and performance in mind. Although, it looks like something you’d expect to see on the tracks, it’s actually road-legal.

Speed and performance are two things that any car fanatic will tell you play a big role in the world of supercars. Pushing the boundaries has always been an important part of the car-making process, and it remains a goal many manufactures still have to this day.

Due to the fact that technology is more advanced than ever before, we’re seeing big progress being made on the supercar front at the moment.

Capable of going from 0 to 60mph in a mere 2.5 seconds, it could be the most capable production vehicle ever built.

Bugatti Veyron is normally regarded as the leader when it comes to speed; however, the Elemental RP1 is proving itself to be a serious contender in the field.

Unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the British supercar is a great example of engineering done right.

It looks fascinating and different, which straightaway gives an impression of how powerful it might be. Although appearances aren’t everything, when it comes to cars, aesthetics play a huge role. OF course, a car doesn’t have to be visually-stunning or futuristic-looking to offer great performance, as the two are not exclusive, but the truth is that aesthetically-pleasing cars are simply much more fun to look at.

Whether the Elemental RP1 will beat the Veyron in the future, remains to be seen, but there’s no reason why the two can’t coexist in the market. They’re both fantastic cars that offer incredible performance, so at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, which on is faster.

Yeah, we get it – it’s always fun to have the official title, but at the same time if have a fantastic vehicle to offer, none of the other stuff should matter. Letting the car’s speak for themselves is probably the best thing manufactures can do, especially when they have something truly unique on their hands.

What do you think of the Elemental RP1? Are you a fan of the car or do you prefer the Bugatti Veyron? Let us know your thoughts and return soon for more fun articles from the enticing world of supercars.

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider unveiled ahead of September Paris debut

One of the most anticipated upcoming vehicles, the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider has just been previewed

ahead of its September debut at the Paris Motor Show.

When it comes to luxury sports cars, no brand does it better than Ferrari. Known for its attention to

detail and exquisite finish, the brand has been around for a very long time, gaining fans and critical

acclaim along the way.
Ferrari LaFerrari Spider
The Ferrari LaFerrari is one of the most recent entries in the brand’s portfolio. It’s a fantastic vehicle

that received universal acclaim and quickly became a favourite among Ferrari fanatic.

Recently, it has emerged that the brand was working on a new version of the vehicle, in the form of

the LaFerrari Spider. Unlike its predecessor, the Spider is an open-top vehicle that has only been

officially confirmed a couple of weeks ago, after months of speculation.

Well, we can finally see what the car looks like, and we’re extremely excited to say that it’s pretty


Although, it shares many of its features with its predecessor, the Spider looks a lot more aggressive

and bold. It’s not every day that you get to see an open-top vehicle, which makes the Spider a lot

more special and unique. It’s an incredible car that’s likely going to appeal to fans of speed and

extreme supercars.

The car doesn’t even have an official name yet, but rumour has it that it’s going to be called Aperta.

Scheduled to appear at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in September, we will soon get to experience the

car in all its glory.

Even though the roof has been removed, it doesn’t really alter the car’s appearance too drastically. It

still feels very familiar, which is a great things, as the original LaFerrari is already a fantastic-looking


More news about the car will most likely be revealed at the event itself, so we should soon know

everything there is to know about the upcoming car.

For now though, we have the pictures on Ferrari’s website to keep us excited in anticipation for the

car’s debut.

Are you excited about the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider? Are you considering purchasing one once it goes

on sale? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to come back shortly for more exciting articles

about supercars.

Vanquish concept by Aston Martin – Zagato

Aston Martin collaborates with Zagato on new Vanquish concept

Aston Martin has just announced that for yet another time it has partnered up with its frequent collaborator Zagato to bring us a new Vanquish concept.

Scheduled to appear at the Villa d’Este concours d’elegance later this week, the new Vanquish looks quite impressive, based on the images released by the brand.

Although the new car hasn’t made its debut yet, the teaser pictures together with some additional details released by the brand, paint a complete picture of what we can expect.

Aesthetically, you can definitely still tell that it’s the Aston Martin Vanquish, as the car features many elements found on the original. The one things that stands out the most at first glance is the car’s double-bubble roof, which is a trademark of sorts for Zagato, having featured on many of its vehicles since the 1950’s.

A wraparound glasshouse gives the car an almost futuristic finish, one that works well with the overall concept.

Inside, a similar aesthetic remains with the red and black colour scheme, perfectly matching the exterior.

It’s great to see that the two brands are still working together after all these years. Having collaborated on numerous vehicle over the last 50 years, the two have a good relationship as they know what each of them can bring to the table.

This definitely reflects on the vehicles they produce together as they all feel rather cohesive and are always finished to a high standard.

We are very excited to see the new Vanquish Zagato in all its glory at the Villa d’Este concours d’elegance tomorrow. It’s always interesting to see a fun new spin on a familiar vehicle, which is why we’re always happy to see brands come out with new concepts.

What do you think about the new concept? Do you like it or are you not completely sold on the new design? Let us know in the comments below or alternatively drop us a quick message. Don’t forget to come back soon for more fun articles from the word of UK supercars and be sure to check out the rest of our blog for even more car fun.