New McLaren 570GT at 2016 London Motor Show

The 2016 London Motor Show will open its doors to the public next month and it’s shaping up to be an interesting event. Many fantastic cars are set to make an appearance, including the new McLaren 570GT.

Part of the brands Sports Series, the vehicle is reportedly the brand’s most luxurious vehicle to date. Having made its debut in Geneva earlier this year, the car will finally be showcased in the UK, giving the public a rare glimpse at the new model.

The vehicle made headlines after its Geneva appearance, due to its boot space, which is unusually spacious, even beating some family hatchbacks in the category.

Sporty and bold, the McLaren 570GT will likely appeal to many due to some of the unique features that it has to offer. High-performance sports cars are not renowned for their spacious nature, in fact the lack of space is one of the main factors that puts people off them.

Looks, performance and speed are among the main reasons why people choose to buy luxury cars, so the introduction of additional boot space will likely open up a lot of doors for the brand.

First deliveries are scheduled for later this year and a Spyder version of the car is in the world, set to make its debut in 2017.

McLaren has its hands full at the moment, which is great to see as it means that we can expect some great things from the brand in the near future.

The 570GT will make its UK debut at the London Motor Show, which will take over the Battersea Park on 5th May. It’s one of many intriguing new cars scheduled to make an appearance, so if you’re interested in seeing the vehicle in all its glory, get your ticket today.

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