McLaren 720S – Geneva 2017

McLaren 720S, the latest from McLaren Automotive is a sports car that it claims would be lighter, stronger and faster. It surely beats the earlier McLaren 650S in all these aspects by a good distance. The supercar introduces the Monocage II carbon fibre tub which has carbon A-pillars as well as windshield header. The hinges in 650S have been replaced by a central roof spar which has mounting points for the newly designed doors. There are also buttresses and a B-pillar hoop.

All this makes the body 39 pounds lighter which bring the weight to 2829 pounds. The engine has been enhanced to a 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V8. This improves the highest speed to 212 mph. The transmission is consistent with the McLaren series i.e. seven-speed dual clutch, automatic. The new 720S can jump to a speed of 60mph in merely 2.8 seconds.

New control arms have been installed accompanied by new wheel knuckles. Spring rates have seen an improvement of 10 percent at the front while 20 percent at the back of the vehicle. An advanced chassis system helps eliminate the harshness. This system is based on 21 sensors, which tune your ride according to the driving mode chosen. The modes include sport, comfort, track and a new drift system as well.

The all new McLaren 720S is also much more spacious on the inside. It is much easier to get in and out of the car as its doors open wider, The A-pillars are narrower, and McLaren also installs the thinner sills which saw their debut staged in the Sports Series. Due to this, the visibility from inside the vehicle has improved significantly. With this latest model, McLaren Automotive compels its rivals to see it as a bigger threat than they ever did.