Eagle Spyder GT to continue Eagle E-Types story

If you’re a car enthusiast then you are most likely familiar with the Jaguar E-Type. It’s often regarded as one of the most fascinating vehicles of all time and people are still talking about it even though the last E-Type rolled off the production line back in 1975. Eagle, who specialises in restoring and modernising the iconic roadster, has just announced its latest vehicle, the Eagle Spyder GT.

The vehicle, based on the iconic E-Type, will be made-to-order therefore if you feel you need to purchase one you better hurry.

It isn’t clear how many units will be produced but considering the exclusivity of the original E-Type, we don’t believe too many units will be built.

The vehicle looks fantastic. It still looks like the E-Type but with a modern twist.

According to reports the vehicle will cost in the excess of £500,000 so unless you’re super-rich, you probably won’t be able to get your hand on one.

The original Jaguar E-Type was introduced in 1961 to critical acclaim. It remains a favourite amongst car enthusiasts therefore, Eagle Spyder GT is definitely not going to struggle to find buyers.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s going to impress, they Eagle Spyder GT is definitely for you. The insane price tag will definitely put some people off however £500,000 for a vehicle this iconic is definitely worth it.

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