Mazda Furai concept car

The car that we are going to look at today is the Mazda Furai. Announced in 2007. The vehicle had its official debut at the 2008 North American International Auto in Detroit.

It was the last in a line of five Mazda Nagare concepts made since 2006. As Mazda’s first race concept, it brought a little life to the typical race car and turned into a true spectacle.

Both fast and great-looking, the vehicle received universal acclaim.

Unfortunately, the Mazda Furai was merely a concept never intended for production, which is a shame. We would’ve loved to see the vehicle produced on a larger scale. It has  a 0-60 time of about 3 seconds but a top speed of only 180.

The concept car itself perished in a fire during a Top Gear photo shoot in 2013, meaning no Furai’s are longer in existence.

Concept cars have been around for as long as vehicles existed. Manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to reinvent their vehicles and incorporate latest technologies within them. Because there are no restrictions when it comes to concept cars, they’re often designed to push the boundaries and put forward ideas that wouldn’t typically be allowed on production vehicles.

It’s sad to see such a fantastic vehicle completely disappear off the face of earth. Hopefully Mazda will produce another racing car in the future. If it does, we are sure it’s going to look fantastic.

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