Genty Akylone

Genty Automotive is a start-up French company that first came to light in 2011 when it unveiled its very first concept car. Genty Akylone is that vehicle. Designed to be a luxurious and elegant supercar, the Akylone took everyone in the industry by surprise. It isn’t uncommon for unknown brand to manufacture exquisite vehicles however Genty Akylone is so much more than just another concept car.

Its sleek body radiates elegance whilst still remaining grounded in reality. Certain concept cars rely too much on their futuristic looks however that isn’t the case with Akylone. It isn’t too unique, appearance-wise yet it still has a certain quality to it that makes it hard to look away.
Performance-wise, the vehicle is rather impressive. It’s capable of reaching a top speed of 220 mph, which suggest that it will appeal to fans of speed.

Although Akylone’s future remains uncertain, it would definitely do well if it went into production.
We are sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the company as the Akylone received universal acclaim and was very well received by fans of supercars.
We’ll have to wait and see to find out if anything is ever going to become of Genty Akylone however we can’t wait to finally see it on our roads. We are ready Genty… It’s time for Genty Akylone to go into production.