Roborace: Driverless racing concept revealed

The vehicle scheduled to compete at this year’s first ever autonomous car race series, Roborace, has finally been revealed.

Ever since Roborace was first announced, people have been speculating about what the vehicle scheduled to appear would look like. Finally, we got a tiny glimpse at the futuristic vehicle and we’re definitely impressed.

Designed by Daniel Simon, the former Volkswagen and Bugatti concept designer, the car looks intriguing and fresh. Nothing like it has ever been done before, which makes it even more enticing.

Roborace, which is scheduled to make is debut later this year will include 10 teams of two, all operating the exact same vehicle.

Although the drivers won’t be inside the cars, they will be able to navigate them using computer algorithms and AI technologies.

The fact that the vehicle is aesthetically-pleasing is a big deal. Since the car doesn’t require a driver, its design must reflect that. Simon did a fantastic job at mixing beauty with innovative technologies and practicality.

Since Roborace will be the first ever event of its type, the vehicle that’s going to appear definitely needs to make a good impression. Building a car that doesn’t require a driver is one thing, but making sure that it still looks good and makes people want to look is much more difficult.

Whether the end result will look anything like the concept is not clear at the moment. If the concept is anything to go by however we’re definitely in for a great event.

Autonomous cars have experienced a growth in popularity in the recent years, with experts claiming that they will appear on our roads within the next 5 years.

It’s no wonder therefore that driverless cars are getting their own racing series.

Are you looking forward to the Roborace? What do you think about the concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below or drop us a quick line.