The 6 worst supercars ever made

Some fantastic supercars have been produced over the years. By pushing the boundaries and experimenting with all the latest technologies, manufacturers often come out with vehicles that take things to another levels. Although supercars have been around for a while and some fantastic examples have been produced throughout the years, there are some that simply failed to impress and left people feeling disappointed.
As much as we would love for every supercar to do well, we can’t ignore the fact that some are better than others. Even well established brands occasionally drop the ball, which doesn’t mean they’re not great car makers. By thinking outside the box manufacturers take risks and although they usually pay off, you can’t predict the future so if a car fails to impress all they can do is take the criticism on board and make necessary improvements to make their next car a success.
Today we’re going to take a look at some supercars that unfortunately, for whatever reason, didn’t make a lasting impression and left us all feeling a little disappointed. To be fair, we‘re only going to include vehicles that were universally panned by car enthusiast, the public as well as industry experts. So sit back, relax and enjoy our list.

6. Jaguar XJ220
Although the Jaguar XJ220 isn’t necessarily the worst supercar ever made it caused a bit of a stir upon its launch. The early 1990’s recession also didn’t help and together with the controversy surrounding the vehicle resulted in the XJ220’s disappointing sales.
When the Jaguar XJ220 concept was released at the 1988 British International Motor Show, it received critical acclaim and resulted in around 1500 people paying deposits of £50,000 to get their hands on the production car.
The concept car included a Jaguar V12 engine however by the time it went into production it was replaced by a turbocharged V6 engine. This left a lot of people unimpressed and resulted in a lot of people who paid the £50,000 deposit attempt to get out of their contracts with Jaguar.
By the time the vehicle was ready to ship, the early 1990’s recession emerged and brought with it the collapse in the price of collectable cars. Only 275 units were produced in the end before the vehicle was discontinued in 1994.
Overall, the Jaguar XJ220 was a decent The 8 worst super cars ever made supercar, however the bad timing of its release and numerous problems during production resulted in it failing to meet expectations.

5. Consulier GTP
There’s a certain level of luxury that people expect from supercars. Most are as expensive as a house therefore if you’re going to spend that much on a car, you’re expecting it to at least look attractive.
The Consulier GTP, which was introduced in 1985, failed to meet the standards expected by potential luxury car buyers.
Originally built with a focus on speed, the Consulier GTP completely forgot to that in order to appeal to a wider range of people it had to look aesthetically-pleasing. Unfortunately, upon its launch the vehicle received a lot of criticism, most of which was directed at its unappealing appearance.
To this day, many use the Consulier GTP as an example of a vehicle that completely dropped the ball when it came to styling.

4. Vector W2
Although people don’t tend to be as critical of concept car, which are often not meant for production, one can’t simply ignore the disaster that the 1980 Vector W2 was. Many manufacturers have come out with exaggerated claims about their vehicles performance however Vector Motors took it to another level.
The brand claimed that the concept car was capable of reaching a top speed of 230 mph, however it failed to achieve that, which is often blamed on its rather unimpressive GM small-block V-8 turbocharged engine.
In a bid to get funding the brand continued to make ridiculous claims about the vehicle’s performance without the evidence to back it up. The single example of the Vector W2 has been updated numerous times before the vehicle was forgotten about having never made it into production.

3. Covini C6W
The next vehicle on our list comes from the Italy-based Covini Engineering. The Covini C6W was launched in 2004. Based on the 1976 Tyrrell P34, it featured two pairs of wheels in the front and another pair in the rear. Styling-wise, the vehicle wasn’t too bad however its overall performance left many unimpressed. The simple truth about the unusual 6-wheeler is that the idea has been done before and it didn’t quite work as well as expected.
Although we have to give Covini credit for trying, the vehicle simply failed to meet expectations and left many unimpressed.

2. Hofstetter Turbo
The number two spot on our list goes to the 1989 Hofstetter Turbo. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate this vehicle however it’s not the greatest example of a supercar ever made.
Designed by Mario Richard Hofstetter in response to Brazil’s strict import laws, only 18 units were ever produced.
The vehicle was capable of reaching a top speed of 215 km/h however it wasn’t its performance that left many unimpressed. The car simply looked uninteresting and as much as we want to like it, it just lacks everything that makes a supercar super.

1. Mitsuoka Orochi
The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The number one worst supercar in the world is… Mitsuoka Orochi. Manufactured by the Japanese-based Mitsuoka Motors, the vehicle was originally revealed as a concept in 2001. It entered production in 2006 and was universally panned for its appearance. The company called the vehicle a “Fashion-Super Car” however many disagreed with the statement and instead criticised the car.
The car wasn’t that powerful either, with further added to the long list of its numerous faults. It shared its engine with Toyota Camry, which probably is all that needs to be said.
For an expensive supercar, the vehicle simply failed to impress, which secured it the title of one of the worst supercars ever produced.

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