TVR Will Reveal A New 200 MPH Sports Car In September

200 MPH sports car is back with a bang! The British car manufacturer, TVR has announced the launch of its all-new 200 mph car. The car is set to resurface in September in the Goodwood Revival Event. With the new sports car, TVR is ready to mark its 70th anniversary.

TVR History

200 MPH sports car has high hopes attached to it.TVR, the British automobile company, has had a rough history. By launching T37 on a global event, it hopes to reclaim its lost title. The T37 is the first sports car to be manufactured by TVR. The company is famous for its diverse range of convertibles. The Goodwood revival evet is known for its vintage cars. The presence of T37 hopes to glorify the event. Also, TVR limited wants to grab the media attention for its latest product. Most people are dubbing it as a publicity stunt. But, this is exactly what TVR needs to make a huge come back.


200 MPH Sports car weighs a mere 1200 kg. It has a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour. The TVR masterpiece can attain 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. It is manufactured with a five litre V8 Cosworth engine. Also, it produces a power of 400 HP per ton. At present, TVR has received 500 orders for T37. After its launch in the Goodwood revival event, it hopes to receive more. With a maximum speed of 200 mph, TVR does not compromise on comfort. The released photos depict an aero dynamic design coupled with startling ‘silty’ edges.

This is the most anticipated car in September!

TVR Will Reveal A New 200 MPH Sports Car In September
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TVR Will Reveal A New 200 MPH Sports Car In September
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